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 +KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - To catch a glimpse of [[https://​www.youtube.com/​embed/​A97qgWi80gI|2016 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Southampton]] Inc history, visit its Milwaukee headquarters,​ housed in the 111-year-old company'​s first real factory. ​ The 7-inch tinted windscreen (from the Electra Glide) provides better protection than lesser SGs while still offering a suitably sporty style. The Street Glide features enhanced 49 mm front forks and air adjustable suspension that helps one adjust the ride and handling characteristics of the bike on the fly. With custom Harley parts you can add your own creativity to make this a personal artistic masterpiece. Meanwhile, counter to its jarring suspension, the Street Glide Special'​s seat is comfy and cosseting.
 +The Shark-Nose on the 2013 CVO Road Glide Custom sets itself apart from stock with the addition of a smoked Windsplitter windscreen and space-age headlights called the Daymaker, giving the '13 CVO Road Glide Custom the distinction of being the first Harley-Davidson with factory LED headlights. Progressive - Motorcycle coverage - when you purchase Comprehensive or Collision coverage, at least $1,000 of Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE)/​Accessory coverage - Custom paint, custom plating or custom exhaust is included in most states.
 +CVO motorcycles are customized using exclusive components and paint treatments combined with premium accessories from the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories catalog. While the 2012 CVO Road Glide Custom isn't the result of collaboration between CVO and the Dark Custom staff, the DC influence is obvious (like the skull, for one thing). Everybody wants it, and the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine is 103 cubic inches of Harley-Davidson V-twin you can rely on to deliver it. The airbox delivers increased intake airflow and the cam optimizes phase and duration.
 +If you're hiring a Street Glide, make sure to bring at least a 3/4 helmet with a faceshield…in fact, we'd recommend a full face helmet. In January 1905, small advertisements were placed in the Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal offering bare Harley-Davidson engines to the do-it-yourself trade. This year the Road Glide Custom trades the long-haul touring image for a look that says this bike is a boulevard bombing badass bagger.
 +Apparently this is just the Harley-Davidson experience; I've been squished every other time I've ridden a Harley. The FLHXSE3 CVO Street Glide is looking fantastic in black color and it makes very stylish. And the CVO Street Glide'​s three exclusive, all-new for 2012 combos up the ante and stir envy even more, with their blazing Phantom Flame graphics. Production will be limited to approximately 3,000 units assembled at the Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations facility in York, Pa. The Street Glide® Special motorcycle elevates the experience of riding a hot rod bagger to a whole new level.
 +The desirableness of this bike is reflected in the dreamy version of the as Harley will make 3500 Street Glides in 2012 - 100 more than the Ultra Classic Electra Glide - and for only $200 more than last year's model. The Touring Street Glide does not disappoint on that front, it gives the rider a wide amount of power and torque to play with and play really well.