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 +Metro Truck Services are experts at all truck diagnostics,​ mechanical repairs and maintenance for all makes and models of heavy duty trucks. ​ However, to match the Chevy'​s decent gas mileage in its 5.3 L V8, you have to go to Fords new EcoBoost 3.5L V6. That's right, I said V6. This new engine gets more HP than Chevy'​s 5.3 L V8, but I'm afraid the only thing harder than convincing truck buyers to buy a V6 for [[http://​Www.Bing.com/​search?​q=fuel%20efficiency&​form=MSNNWS&​mkt=en-us&​pq=fuel%20efficiency|fuel efficiency]] would be convincing them that this new V6 will be able to produce 365 HP for more than 100,000 miles.
 +Great hub, i am a more than a full time truck driver, 12 hours a day, i am thinking going to school to be a auto-tech, then work weekends repairing cars, maybe one day open a shop of my own, i can't just quit my job, i have a big family to support, hope u see what i mean, what do you suggest, thank you. Our service team even has a fleet of fully equipped mobile maintenance trucks to service your trucks almost anywhere. This is another convertible hand truck from Harper but it has a 700 pound capacity and is suitable for medium duty. It makes sense that these shops will need to have someone to do tune ups or other services from time to time.
 +Established [[http://​kristenbellrd.com/?​option=com_k2&​view=itemlist&​task=user&​id=1039213|owner operator companies in florida]] such as Chase Equipment have their own team of experienced service engineers to ensure the mobile yard ramp is maintained in good working condition. If you have a brand new car, then it is a good idea to go with a repair company that is reputed and has an experienced staff that carries out the task of repairing and servicing your braking system with full efficiency. Hi HK2, the rep gave you some good advice, keep an ear on the noises and have it checked one more time before the warranty runs out. Its only disadvantage is the service will cost more which is insignificant compared to transmission repair.
 +For a small, two-person shop only making $300,000 in sales a year, investing in a new scan tool is no easy matter. This type of truck features a flat bed, allowing the transported vehicle to drive onto it in order for it to be loaded onto the flat bed. When you need roadside assistance in Las Vegas, our Emergency Breakdown and Towing Service can find you and get you and your commercial, heavy or medium duty truck back on the road fast. There are many online venues that assist you in buying the best used Mack truck. I've just learned to deal with it. The Hernia repair was preformed by interns and it is painfully obvious.
 +It's just downright intolerable and although the pain meds help for a very short period of time, I have had little or no relief for more than an hour at a time. I want to thank you Eddie for maintaining this site, and for the help, and giving me courage to tackle this repair. Plastic truck bed liners can reduce the need for constant cleaning and repairing of your equipment.
 +Years ago it was not uncommon to see a diesel truck billowing clouds of black smoke out of the stack. The Delco Heavy Duty Brushless alternators have a plate on the rear of the alternator to access most of the components for testing. A [[http://​www.Estateguideblog.com/?​s=commercial%20driving|commercial driving]] license of Class I or Class A" category must be obtained from driving a Truck. If you care about your work, customers will care about using your workshop to do all their mechanical repairs and servicing, so you need the right tools and equipment to do a broad range of work. Every Gator Ford technician has been Ford-certified to work on your specific model of truck.