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 +The [[http://​www.youtube.com/​embed/​A97qgWi80gI|2016 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special]] is a touring dream with features like the Batwing fairing that has been wind tunnel tested, Reflex Linked brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and the Boom!  Previously, an owner would need to order a stock factory model, and then replace parts in order to achieve a personalized ride. Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Harley-Davidson Museum: Archive; exhibits of people, products, culture and history; restaurant & café; and museum store. In 2009, Harley changed the Street Glide frame which made 2009 model years and later bikes a bit higher with a wider profile.
 +CVO motorcycles are customized using exclusive components and paint treatments combined with premium accessories from the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories catalog. While the 2012 CVO Road Glide Custom isn't the result of collaboration between CVO and the Dark Custom staff, the DC influence is obvious (like the skull, for one thing). Everybody wants it, and the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine is 103 cubic inches of Harley-Davidson V-twin you can rely on to deliver it. The airbox delivers increased intake airflow and the cam optimizes phase and duration.
 +Get the Touring Street Glide moving and you realise there'​s a lot more muscles rather than blubber underneath the surface. Harley Davidson Street Glide runs over the 130/​60B19-61H front and BW 180/​65B16-81H rear Dunlop® Multi-Tread tyres that come fitted over tough and elegant alloy wheels. In 2007, Harley-Davidson introduced the 96 cubic inches (1,570 cubic centimetres) 116 Twin Cam 96 engine, as well the six-speed transmission to give the rider better speeds on the highway. Harley-Davidson CVO motorcycles are backed by a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. At the top end of the scale is the $36,999 Road Glide Ultra we recently tested , followed by the Ultra Classic Electra Glide ($36,499).
 +More than all the useful power from the V-Twin, or how well the ABS-equipped brakes perform, or the competency of the new frame, more than all of that, to me, the Street Glide in the metallic-flake Black Pearl color scheme simply looks like the American icon that its namesake says it is. At a $32,499 MSRP, the Street Glide CVO is a business-class ticket among V-Twin baggers, but it takes just a cursory glance at the CVO-SG to recognize its premium quality - whether in terms of paint quality, depth of chrome or finish details.
 +The CVO Road Glide Custom is built on the innovative Harley-Davidson Touring chassis, based on a single-spar,​ rigid backbone frame and swingarm developed to withstand the demands of long-haul touring riders. When it comes to the CVO Road Glide Custom model with ABS, '​stopping power' has a double meaning. Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO)TM emphasizes exclusive styling and inspiring performance with four limited-production motorcycle models for 2012.
 +I tend to think of stereos on motorcycles as sacrilegious and didn't spend much time investigating the Street Glide Special'​s sound system beyond discovering that its radio wasn't very good at holding signal. One of the few things we really do not like about the Street Glide is the short windshield, which blows turbulent air right into the rider'​s face. There’s a 19” Enforcer front wheel leading the way on the Street Glide® Special motorcycle and a 16-inch Enforcer to match in the rear. This is classic Harley-Davidson style and a sleek, modern look at the exact same time.
 +The desirableness of this bike is reflected in the dreamy version of the as Harley will make 3500 Street Glides in 2012 - 100 more than the Ultra Classic Electra Glide - and for only $200 more than last year's model. The Touring Street Glide does not disappoint on that front, it gives the rider a wide amount of power and torque to play with and play really well.