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 +Metro Truck Services are experts at all truck diagnostics,​ mechanical repairs and maintenance for all makes and models of heavy duty trucks. ​ However, to match the Chevy'​s decent gas mileage in its 5.3 L V8, you have to go to Fords new EcoBoost 3.5L V6. That's right, I said V6. This new engine gets more HP than Chevy'​s 5.3 L V8, but I'm afraid the only thing harder than convincing truck buyers to buy a V6 for fuel efficiency would be convincing them that this new V6 will be able to produce 365 HP [[http://​vocational-courses.nearoff.com/​component/​k2/​itemlist/​user/​734419|average pay for owner operator Per mile]] more than 100,000 miles.
 +For the role of heavy vehicle mechanic you may be asked to complete the following tasks. Come get your commercial truck service and maintenance done right at Service Chevy Cadillac. Linda, I have witnessed so many disappointed people during my time at UHaul, that I just felt it was time to write this hub. Had a few cars in my time but the Chevy was always my favourite...unfortunately I had to sell it, never had a vehicle like it. You are paying extra for a little heavier duty but if you really want to move appliances, you need something that is going to be rated for at least 300 pounds. Seldom could you look for a truck being managed outside of the industrial placing.
 +The only real way to repair an oil leak is to replace the seals and gaskets, or whatever component is leaking. The Magna Cart Elite 2 Hand Truck has some of best reviews you can find for any folding hand crate around. You will need to decide if you want to hire a cross country moving company to assist you or if you want to rent a truck and move yourself.
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 +More specifically,​ heavy truck drivers'​ mean hourly rate is $18.62 with a yearly salary of $38,720. The various popularly traded used trucks for sale over the Internet are the heavy duty trucks, dump trucks, day cab, sleeper trucks, cab chassis heavy duty trucks and box heavy duty trucks. It would make no sense to turn away ten rentals for a day or two each and let the truck sit there for a month because there were no one way rentals.
 +Whether you're looking for power solutions for your business or service on one of your trucks, stop by and take advantage of the Cat Advantage program, which provides coverage for up to three years and 300,000 miles. Doing a good job on these types of repairs also means that the fabric store will be likely to recommend your sewing machine repair service over other sewing repair shops in the area when their customers are looking for someone to fix their own machines. TDI Truck Repair & Towing provides complete heavy truck tire service throughout Vermont.